Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Web-based IOS-support tool from Apple in the making

The French site Hardmac claims that Apple is finalizing a iOS diagnostic tool that maintenance staff can provide remote support. The web-based service sends diagnostic information to Apple support staff. This can be relatively anonymous, if you prefer a support question or wish that Apple knows who you are. Internally, Apple would have communicated that the tools are nearly finished. They are easy to use and work entirely online.

It works like this: You get on the phone an email containing the URL, which may also be entered manually. The unit makes connection to the Internet via Safari, and a number of internal checks are performed. The results will eventually go to Apple's servers, where they can be analyzed further. Support staff can thus provide support via phone and solve problems. Instead of consuming performing manual checks by the users themselves, the control is largely automatic. This saves time and effort, both Apple and the customer.
A condition is there: the devices are still functioning well enough to connect to the Internet, so the phone in the photo above is not suited for. If your iPhone into a continuous reboot loop is, the tools are not used. The tools the health, battery level and battery status request, the time elapsed since the last time it was fully charged, minimum level at which the battery is empty drawn, IOS version installed and the like. Also check whether the device is normally off. Or there may also be checked whether the device has a jailbreak, is not evident from the story of Hardmac. They predict that the tools available within a few months.


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