Monday, August 8, 2011

MobileMeTransition to iCloud started, existing users get 25 GB storage

Apple started the migration to MobileMe icloud, though it is temporary only for developers. Interestingly, existing users of the MobileMe transition their current 20 GB of storage may be retained. In total you have 25 GB of storage available so, because by default 5 GB icloud get there. It is certainly the case until June 30, 2012. Only then run the paid MobileMe accounts officially off. In announcing icloud saw that their existing users of MobileMe subscription was automatically renewed on the date of June 30.

MobileMe and icloud accounts differ, but there are some similarities. With icloud you still have the option to e-mail, address book, calendar, bookmarks, Find My iPhone and Back To My Mac.What has lapsed iWeb (websites and hosting), Gallery and iDisk. Instead icloud has a few alternatives: iTunes in the Cloud, Documents in the Cloud, Photostream, automatically downloading apps and books and how to create and restore backups for your IOS device. Apple has already promised that existing MobileMe accounts remain available until June 30.Users now have plenty of time to think what to do after that date if the extra 20 GB expires.MobileMe users are automatically transferred to the free icloud account. For extra storage you need to pay extra , as we reported earlier. 25 GB of storage for icloud to pay $35 a year later.Previously, it took MobileMe (with 20 GB of storage) $99 per year.

End for iSync

That Apple would stop Gallery, iDisk and iWeb was already known. Now it has become clear that the synchronization of data via iSync will disappear . iSync was an important feature. Mac and MobileMe. You could do with synchronizing data between multiple devices. This involved institutions, the classification of Dashboard widgets, the Keychain passwords, email settings including Mail Rules, Signatures (Signatures), and Smart Mailboxes. You could also sync system preferences, just like items in the Dock. That will be after the introduction of icloud no longer be possible, is available at Apple's Information / move.
icloud will officially be available in the fall, concurrent with iOS 5. Developers with an official developer account already have access.


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