Friday, July 8, 2011

Rumor: Aple to introduce two New iPhone in September

In our previous article about the new iPhone expected in September, will be lighter and thinner than the current iPhone 4. Because of thinner casing, the camera also "complicated" are to assemble. A message from 9to5Mac points out this fall now that Apple will introduce not one but two new devices will be introduced. Also get the iPod touch and we can upgrade to a new iPad model expected to be called the iPad HD.

The U.S. Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Apple is not alone, as expected, with an entirely new iPhone model (thinner and lighter) is, but also blew the rumors of a cheaper, smaller iPhone in the new life:
Apple has also worked with a cheaper phone with new features such as an edge to edge 'screen.
9to5Mac claims are based on an insider, according to the site "in the past has proven reliable," Apple this fall with two machines come, completely different from each other.Both devices, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 to replace, now focused on cheaper and more expensive segment.
One is a low-end version in response to the cheap Android Market, the source said.The other is a high-end model with a completely new design. These two devices will be immediately distinguishable.
Further information is lacking. Seth Weintraub's 9to5Mac speculates that the cheaper iPhone model the look of the iPod touch might get. He claims not to believe that the iPhone 4 with a single price of 599 euros, or the iPhone 3G at a price of 499 euros, with cheap Android phones compete.
A good starting point, I think the current iPod Touch. The iPod touch features the same resolution as the iPhone 4, but with poor (er) angle because the screen no In-Plane Switching (IPS) has. In addition, the camera is slightly less than that of the iPhone in April, it has no GPS, less RAM and the battery is shortened. And the phone aspect is missing, of course.
Weintraub thinks that same Apple iPod touch thinner smartphones could make such a 3-megapixel camera, suitable for all international telecom networks, or a "world phone" as he calls it. Also, Apple's device to position itself as the other four by the iPhone to offer for sale the same way that iPods are sold at electronics stores, airports and so on. As a basis for this speculation calls he made a significant statement by Apple COO Tim Cook who took the CEO in front of analysts:
We want the iPhone not only for the rich.
Apple sells the cheapest iPod touch now for 229 euros. According to Weintraub Apple drill a completely new market as a smartphone on the market with a price below 300 euros. He thinks this is the "iPod moment" of the iPhone might be, as the company was then concessions (USB instead of FireWire, and Windows support) did to the iPod more attractive. This meant that everyone wanted to buy the equipment and the most popular iPod MP3 player was.
Meanwhile there are rumors of sixth-generation iPhone next year on the market to come.According to the Wall Street Journal is getting a major upgrade to the iPhone, which Apple according to an insider thinks about a new way of charging your phone. This suggests that Apple not only from IOS 5 wirelessly synchronize, backup and update is possible, but with the advent of the iPhone in June also could enable wireless charging. That Apple would not be the first. HP (formerly Palm) does this fact with its touchstone technology . 


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