Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iOS 5 Beta 3: New features in Pictures

Released last night iOs 5 beta 3, the latest beta version of IOS 5 contains some minor new features. Overview .

This new beta fixes the usual set of bugs and opinions seem to agree: Beta 3 is much faster and stable than the previous two . With iOS 5, Apple already offers a very stable and bug hunting continues to the exit, expected in autumn. The system remains in beta and some functions are not yet developed, including all aspects icloud.

AssistiveTouch function that facilitates the use of iOS devices for those with mobility problems has been activated with beta 3 . It takes the form of a big white button in the lower right corner of the terminal and semi-transparent menu with possible actions. Note the presence of the Virtual Home button that allows you to switch completely from the physical button.

With this feature, you can perform various actions with a few clicks: the terminal block, change the volume or pinch to simulate a finger or two, three, four or even five fingers. The user can even record up to six custom gestures.

iOS 5 can block not only the data abroad, but also voice communications. This allows finer adjustment to keep only the SMS when you're abroad.

Apple opts for transparency on location services. With iOS 4, we already knew what applications were using the position of the terminal and it could block some. With iOS 5, Apple added system services in the basket: it can thus choose to disable geolocation iAds for advertisements or search for the geographical area to set the time automatically. Note the list function crowd-sourcing that should allow Apple to build a database of road traffic.

More anecdotally, the Reminders icon, task manager of Apple, has changed. No more milk and eggs, Apple is in the simplicity with three gray lines meant to symbolize a list of items.

iOS 5 also adjusts the sound heard when sending a message on Twitter. Sound by default, simply named Tweet can be replaced by any other ring, and can also be used for any other category.

Dedicated Safari preferences have been slightly reorganized, with a menu "Advanced" menu that replaces the "Developer" and retrieves the data management site. Moreover, in the Music application, there is the appearance of a button that leads directly to the iTunes Store ...

iOS 5 gets better with this version, but all is not perfect yet. Jean-Michel Cart offers a new video this time with many views some suggestions to improve the interface of the system. It especially likes the selection of a wireless network via the center of notifications.


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