Monday, July 11, 2011

Apple iOS 5 Beta 3 and iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 are available to developers

Apple has just released the third beta release of IOS 5 to developers.The third beta is build number 9a5259f and through the iOS Dev Center available for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch and all iPhone models, like the Apple TV. Also, Apple iTunes 10.5 beta 3 available, which is required for IOS 5 beta 3. The update is not available through the new Over The Air (OTA) capabilities.Reportedly this is the current beta only fully functional.
9to5Mac has managed to get hold of the extensive release notes of this new beta. Salient points therein that Apple use icloud Backups still discouraging. Also, beta 3 from beta 1 iMessage not communicate between beta 3 and 2, however it should work.
As with the second beta of iTunes, Apple warns that 10.5 Beta 3 does not work with older IOS 5-betas. It is therefore important to an IOS device first 5 beta 2-syncing with iTunes 5.10 b2 (a backup is also recommended) and only then install iTunes 5.10 beta 3. Then iOS 5 beta 3 installed through a restore (does not upgrade). In the previous beta was not unusual for iTunes 5.10 error messages showed when synchronizing. From the release notes that this does not fix.A reboot of the device would sync again possible.
Initial findings of the new iOS 5-beta are positive. There were a lot of bugs have been fixed and the speed of the system improved. To start the camera application instance faster. FaceTime also works again. Apple has continued the Sync menu for Wi-Fi syncing with iTunes clarified as shown in picture below (via 9to5Mac) can be seen. In addition, Apple users to set the first choice for location services on or off.

 It also has a private location services in settings menu where the user had such location-based ads (IADS) deactivate or sending diagnostic data and user disconnect.
  • In addition to data roaming (data abroad) can also voice roaming (calls abroad) now be disabled in Settings> Call Roaming. This is now a menu option.
  • With the advent of IOS 5 has Apple iPod app renamed to 'Music' or 'Music'. In IOS 5 beta 3 users get a warning that video content as a result moved to the videos-app.
  • In Safari's preferences are the options to delete cookies and data reactivated.
  • Reminders of the new app has got a new icon.
  • In the music app you have a button added to the iTunes Store.
  • Wi-Fi Sync is now called "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync", but the first still be activated through iTunes.This requires the device with a USB cable to be connected.
  • We have a long wait, but setting chosen SMS tones is now possible.
Warning! iOS 5 betas are not meant for everyday use and can not be used by normal users unless the UDID of the IOS device is registered with Apple. It is not allowed to ask for and / or exchanging UDID and download links to the iOS 5-beta software.


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