Monday, June 27, 2011

A low-cost iPhone in September?

Two iPhones for the price of one in September? Not exactly! Today,  AppleInsider suggests the possibility that Apple has an iPhone to $350, no subscription and entry in September, presumably charged $350 by Apple side of the old continent. This is not the first time such rumors stirred canvas. This time it's an analyst at  Wall Street , to whom we owe this prophesied.

"  It's time for Apple to release an iPhone for Small Grants  "analyzes Chris Whitmore in a note to investors Monday destinations. For the specialist, this iPhone is equipped with a refill of communication included, also known as prepaid card. In this respect, the man said that among the 1.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, 2 / 3 uses prepaid cards. According to him, the market is now well and waiting for the apple in this segment.
Such iPhone would open new horizons in Cupertino, with a market of more than $ 70 billion, compared to what graph showing the distribution of subscriptions and prepaid cards on different continents:

Finally, note that many rumors along the lines of an iPhone nano have been mentioned in recent months. In February, The New York Times estimated that Apple was working on an iPhone entry-level, two times smaller than the current iPhoneThese rumors, even if they are underpinned by expert analysis, are to be taken lightly, since Apple does not usually bring to market low cost, except perhaps his iPod Shuffle, where it is not an 
iPod Classic or touch, but rather a product with a different identity in their own right (the concept of a simple random).


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