Monday, June 27, 2011

iOS 5: The days when the downgrades were possible with SHSH ...

Sad news that we learned the Dev Team earlier this week: from iOS 5, restoration (downgrade) your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to previous firmware will no longer be feasible . Simply put, if one day your iOS 5.1 and you want to go back to iOS 5.0, the handling can be done. The team of hackers said on his blog that Apple has changed somewhat since the process of verifying the beta versions of iOS 5.

MuscleNerd - who wrote the note - explains that the role of APTicket in iOS 5 has changed and does not help matters. Now it behaves like BBTicket . In other words, it simply depends on your CDIS and the firmware version ... it changes every time you roll! This authenticationAPTicket will happen on every reboot, not just at the time of restoration. Because Apple has the encryption key to sign the APTicket by restaurants, APTicket replayed are useless. It is therefore more useful to save your SHSH if you plan to stay in iOS 5, it does not use any more . The hacker said that "  this will affect only the restorations from IOS 5 and beyond ".
The only way to return to an older version of IOS (iOS 4 to iOS 5) will be using an older version of iTunes at the time of the downgrade in iOS 4 and have a iDevice could exploit the flaw discovered Limera1n by GeoHot. Remember that this flaw is no longer present since the release of the iPad 2.


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