Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Find My iPhone new additional online features

Apple has an application Find My iPhone update. It is now possible to receive an email when an offline device comes back online and can determine its location. There is now an option for an offline device from the list here. Find My iPhone is a service that allows you a lost or stolen iPhone to find. You can see where the iPhone is located on the map, you can remotely erase everything on your device or play an alarm sound. The latter is useful if your iPhone somewhere between the cushions of the sofa or in bed are lost.

Find My iPhone was previously part of MobileMe, Apple has already made ​​it a free service for anyone with an iPhone 4, iPad , or fourth-generation iPod touch . The functions of Find My iPhone will now be reproduced in iCloud, Apple's new suite of online services. You have an Apple ID and a suitable device need to use Find My iPhone. Install the app on your device is not necessary to use Find My iPhone, because you can use any Web browser to access all functions and the map with the location of your iPhone to view. You have the settings of your iPhone indicate that the service must be activated and also your Apple ID. You can then also from your iPad see where your iPhone is.
The app is free and requires iOS 3.1.3. In the Dutch App Store app called "Find My iPhone" and you will look in vain for an app called "Find my iPhone. There is a smart developer, who paid an app called " Find My Phone "($0.99) in the App Store has put, with virtually the same icon. But that is not Apple's official app.
Download: Find My iPhone 


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