Friday, June 17, 2011

Evernote App for Windows Phone 7 Launched

In the last three years, we have about 13 different versions for all major platforms in the market.Today we added another.Welcome the coveted Evernote for Windows Phone 7.
Evernote for Windows Phone 7 allows you to save and find ideas and memories anytime, anywhere.As expected, it synchronizes seamlessly with other versions of Evernote you use, but there is more.In fact, this is the most feature-rich debut we've had.Not only is full of new features, it is also interesting how the innovative interface takes advantage of Windows Phone 7 Metro and Pivot panels.And, as always, Evernote for Windows 7 is free and is already available in the market.

Interface Tour

This version of Evernote has been designed from scratch for Windows Phone 7.Once you've registered and passed a short sync (only for existing users) will access the new interface of Windows Phone 7, which incorporates the sensitivity glance and go ("Look fast walk") platform, very different to everything you have ever seen of Evernote.

The main page

Evernote Pivot Panels are:

.Notes: A complete list of notes down
.Notebooks: click on a notepad to view its contents
.Tags: Click on a tag to view all notes associated with it.
.Recent Posts: This list allows you to access the latest press 20 views
Evernote for Windows 7 also includes Phone Batteries Books and nested tags.

Application Bar 

All screens Evernote for Windows Phone 7 have options in the application bar and the bar menu of applications that provide additional functionality on the screen that you are visiting, or exposes advanced features.Where you see three points in the application bar, click above for more options.

Creation of new notes

Capture your memories in Evernote could not be easier.The application bar on the home page includes two options: New Note and Trapping.This is how:

New Note

Pressing the New Note screen take you to a blank notes.Create a title, click the pencil icon to select a notebook and label, then fill the body of the note.When done, click on the save icon.
You can also click the camera icon in the application bar to attach a picture in the note, or click on the icon of the cassette to record a quick audio note.You can add multiple audio files and images to a note.When finished, click the save icon.


The capture option in the main panel allows you to directly access the camera option.Take a picture and add it to the note directly.Then you can create a note related to the image or just save.

Find Notes

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 allows you to find your notes quickly, have been created through your phone or via Evernote on your desktop, everything is easy to find.There are different ways to access your existing notes.You can browse, search or find on a map.

Navigating Notes

All Pivot Panels are designed for easy navigation through your notes.You can also browse through your entire list of notes or browse the books and labels.Simply scroll down to get the navigation option you want.
Evernote has some incredible search functions to help you find whatever you're looking for.Click the magnifying glass of the application (not in your device) to access the search interface.Here you will see a search bar and two search screens:
.Previous search: This screen shows a list of recent searches you have made.
.Saved Searches: these search you saved on the desktop or the web version of Evernote.
Evernote allows you to search not only the text of your notes, is also written and printed words into images, which is perfect to quickly find the name badges, wine labels, street names or anything else.

Map notes

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 leverages the Microsoft technology Bing Maps to show where your notes were created.To allow the application to save your location, go to the panel location in the setup menu and make choices.So, you can view your notes on a map.It's great to refresh your memory.To view your notes on a map, click the three dots on the application bar and then click Map.Zoom in on a specific area to see the notes created in it.Click on the flags to see a list of notes.


Evernote is to help you remember things that interest you.As we know, some of the things you care about are the ones worth sharing with your friends.Evernote for Windows Phone 7 lets you easily share your favorite memories with your friends on Facebook.To do this, open a note and then click the Facebook icon of the application bar.Once you've logged into your Facebook account, your note will be visible to your friends.
If you prefer to share with specific people, you can always click the envelope icon to send via e-mail.How you prefer.


If you're a Premium subscriber you can download then Evernote entire books for offline access.So you always have access to your notes even when a network connection is unavailable.To have your books available offline, click on the points in the application bar and choose Settings from the menu.Then slide to the NC panel says offline and the books you want to view offline.If you are not a premium user, you can always upgrade your account from the account information page.
In addition, any notes you generate on your device or see from your device is stored in the device and is available for offline viewing.This functionality applies to all users, Free and Premium.

A lot more

These are just some of the options you can have with Evernote for Windows Phone 7.We have many more available to you at this incredible platform.Tell us what you think of our debut, and stay tuned to the news.


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