Saturday, June 25, 2011

All New Features in iOS 5 Beta 2

For several hours, Apple has made ​​available the second beta iOS 5. The update from the air has not been activated by Apple, you must install the update from iTunes 10.5 Beta. Before proceeding with this update, make a backup of your data. As each new beta of iOS, this version brings new features and bug fixes (including the accessibility to the screen):

1. In the step of configuring a iDevice with a 3G connection, a new icon will display your IMEI and ICCID

2. Enabling WiFi sync was absent from the Beta 1. I have to have Mac OS X 10.6.8 or OS X Lion on your Mac to use it.

3. A few cosmetic changes:
  • Icloud icon in the settings and the list of accounts is now brushed metal.

  • The appearance of the notifications has been changed. Now the LockScreen there is a simple and bubble centered. By scanning the bubble, the panel overview of IOS Beta 1 appears.

  • The center now displays a notification message if there is no notification.
  • The scholarship is not widget enabled by default.
  • Slight change in the music player on the iPad version

For those who wish to test icloud, Apple says it is not yet stable enough so do not place any important document in the clouds. Its content can be regularly purged until it is official function this fall.
4. The Jailbreak still works with this version.


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