Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wii 2 Technical Specifications Unveiled

MyNintendonews blog created a sensation by publishing what looks like the first technical details of the Wii 2, also known under the codename Project Coffee . Obviously, everybody jumped on it and you'll to discover a bit lower which could be the technical specifications of the next home console from Nintendo. A console is also presented at the upcoming E3. Now the question is of course whether this famous sheet is real or fake if it is a more ...

Wii 2 (or Project Coffee is like anyway) could provide an IBM Power 6 CPU Quad Core ... clocked at 3.5 GHz, AMD graphics chip RV770 @ 766 Mhz / 1024 GDDR5, 512 MB ​​RAM XDR2, 16 MB eDRAM, a 2.5 inch hard disk of 250 GB or 320, a port for SD cards (cards that can support 64 GB) and a Blu-Ray custom format and compatible with the GameCube and Wii. Well that's about it for the components and that's not bad.
Question connectivity, the Wii 2 would be quite complete. Would be found in the Composite, S-Video or RGB, but still it should be noted is that there would also be entitled to HDMI. And attention, friends, because the Project Coffee could go up to 1080p if one believes this data sheet. Just a little history to clarify things, we must know that most of the titles available on the PlayStation 3 proposed 720p. This is the case of Red Dead Redemption, which is however a very new way. Of course, if this record is accurate, this does not mean that all securities of the console will offer 1080p, but let's just say this opens a number of interesting prospects.

Just history that you can compare these specifications, we will remind those of the PlayStation 3. I could take those of the Xbox 360, it's true, but we had to choose, huh ... So the home console from Sony offers many things: a CELL processor (a powerhouse, it is also he who decodes the transmissions of football matches in 3D) , a processor with 256 MB GDDR3 RSX GPU like, 256 MB of XDR RAM, hard drives of different capacity depending on model and a connector similar to those we have just seen.
So good, it's better to be cautious and not go too fast. While these specifications are particularly attractive, but they still seem a bit exaggerated. Just for the RAM, you realize that it does not stick too. A console does not need as much RAM ( or even a processor as fast) , it is a fact, since it does not run the same operating systems that our poor computers.And for good reason, since no console is finally playing well. In short, as would the other: wait & see!


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