Monday, May 30, 2011

iPhone 4S with SIM Card and Apple A5 Processor

While it is still uncertain to this day that Apple unveils new iPhone at WWDC 2011, the website Macotakara reported today that the next phone to the Apple iPhone will be much 4S and not a real iPhone 5. By this understanding that we should expect an iPhone today but four more powerful under the hood. Macotakara also confirms that it will be equipped with a processor Apple A5 (already included in the iPad 2) and a 8-megapixel photo sensor.Regarding the processor, the site can not say whether the processor will double heart or not.

Also according to the Japanese site, Apple will change its current process for its upcoming iPhone (so for this iPhone 4S) by permanently removing the SIM card. This rumor was already known last year. This time seems to be good. Nevertheless, it remains in contrast with recent remarks by Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom. The man confirmed that Apple was working on a SIM card even smaller than a micro-current SIM.

The answer will be within a dozen days at the 2011 WWDC where Apple will hold a Keynote. At least, we hope that the iPhone 4S iOS 5 will be presented with some new features


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