Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPhone 5 Case with New Camera Placement

Lately, the manufacturers of cases we have often given a fairly clear idea of the products under development at Apple. The iPhone 5 should not escape the rule, that found on Alibaba set of cases so-called terminal for the next Apple.
The big difference from the current model is the position of the flash. On the iPhone 4 , it is next to the camera. Apart from this change, we note that the display occupies almost the entire width of the device. But there is more reason to believe, given the image, a montage.

Finally, this case lends credence to those who think the successor to the iPhone 4 will be an evolution and will not include major changes in terms of design.
At the end of last year, cases for the supposed future iPad two had appeared on Alibaba, Apple had later requested the withdrawal. With hindsight we can understand why ... 
[Via: Gadgetsdna ]


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