Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPhone 4S, the name of the fifth-generation iPhone will have A5 processor

The fifth-generation iPhone will be called commercially iPhone 4S, according to information provided by analysts and published in Forbes.
If we are to believe Peter Misek, citing its sources necessarily well informed, the iPhone 5 will indeed an iPhone 4S . He said he "will include minor cosmetic changes, improved sensors, dual-processor A5 heart, and the support of HSPA +."

HSPA +, better known by its trade name of 3G +, is the standard most advanced third-generation networks, which can reach speeds up to 56 Mbps downlink (HSDPA) and 22 Mbps amount (HSUPA). It has virtually not been deployed in France: SFR began the experiment at 21 Mbps in Paris, Lyon and Marseille at 42 Mbps in Lyon. The iPhone 4 is HSPA, but to achieve these speeds, use of new technologies ( dual-cell , MIMO), collectively known as HSPA +, with which the current iPhone is incompatible.

Besides the name, also said that the launch of the iPhone 4S will occur in September and the main new features are:
  •  Dual core processor, the same iPad 2 A5
  •  Chamber of higher resolution
  •  Support networks HSPA +
  •  Will be distributed to companies T-Mobile, Sprint and China Mobile
  •  The design changes will be minor 4S iPhone over the current model
  •  It will not be compatible with the 4G LTE technology

Because shipset need to provide support for LTE 4G technology would not be available until 2012 and that the technology in question is just unfolding in many countries, Apple decided to discard it.
While HSPA + are very fast, they are always third-generation networks (voice and data), building on top of the specification UMTS, seamless technology (4G LTE passed the voice over IP and is therefore a standard All-DATA). Still, the United States, operators AT & T and T-Mobile have decided to call their HSPA + "4G": the iPhone 4S could be sold as a 4G iPhone when it would not support the LTE The "real" 4G, a shell-pass sales.
According to Misek always bear this iPhone 4S networks Sprint and China Mobile, which means that Apple would add different bands to its support CDMA. It also evokes a support network T-Mobile, which means the support of a sixth band 3G. So many bands, which would be a nice technical challenge if Apple tried to make everything fit into a single universal model, instead of the two current models.


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