Sunday, April 17, 2011

Square Credit Card Reader Now Available in App Store Online

The Square-card reader in both the online Apple Store and in physical stores for sale. Besides the familiar white color is also a new version, in black. According to the manufacturer, they are soon the only payment that you can purchase through the Apple Store. This is a setback for Verifone, hitherto a payment from the Apple Store sold. The exclusive agreement with Square means they will disappear off the shelves. Square is cheaper and more focused on the Web. They also have an Android app and are therefore broader.

You pay $10 at Square for the card reader and instantly receive $10 credit for taking your first transactions could. In fact, the Square is free, with the company a percentage of sales make money. Square would replace traditional payment systems, but probably only in countries where credit card payments have become commonplace. Square processed more than $ 1 million in payments per day and get every month with 100,000 new sellers.


I haven't personally tried this before but it does look interesting. I have a question though. Why do we need to have this when we can simply put our credit card number when paying online?

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