Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easy Alarms Provides more Options than the iPhone Alarm Clock

Developed by Rogue Sheep, the alarm function on the iPhone could be better. Easy Alarm is a free iPhone and iPod touch app that lets you have many more options. For example you can own snooze time alarms and choose skip when appropriate. For instance, if you've set up every weekday at 7:30 alarm, it is with a little effort Easy Alarm once this off if you have a once a day. When the clock application that comes with the iPhone, do you have the alarm back on manually.

Easy Alarms does so himself: one day it hits the alarm and go the next day again with the set pattern. There is also a timer function that you can preset. Does your dryer, for example, about 40 minutes, you can do this by default timer. You boil an egg, preferably in 8 minutes, then add that as one of the standard timers increased.

With the snooze you can indicate how long the snooze function that rings and how many minutes you want to be woken again. You can choose between 1 hour and 1 minute. You can also set a reminder for a specific date, like your wedding day, though you can of course already on the iPhone calendar control. As you see on the screenshots shown below, you can use the app for very practical things to use: Set in the morning at what time your lunch to order, how you let the machine again to clean out or to the post office for a packet. The app is free but with advertising. The alarm remains active if the app just runs in the background. Is the iPhone to silent (mute), then you will see a pop-up gain when the alarm expires. Your iPhone must have IOS 4.0 or higher.Users report in the reviews in the App Store are two downsides: if you've put your volume down, the app did not assess them (the alarm sounds then very soft, so you may miss it) and you can not use your own alarm tones. Easy Alarms has received the first update this weekend, where small bugfixes have been corrected.


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