Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tweak:Install Animated, customize your boot logo! (+ Bootlogo OldBoot)

Here Animate , a tweak really nice! It will allow you to customize your boot logo (bootlogo) but only on jailbroken with iDevices greenp0ison , then you can put different bootlogo animated or not (in. PNG or. GIF)!   ...
To install your own custom boot logo, you’ll obviously need to jailbreak your iDevice. From here you’ll want to fire up Cydia and do a search for ‘Apple Boot Logo’. Next up, install ‘Animate’ and you’re well on your way to some animated goodness.

To start download free Animate via Cyida.
First step, create the animation:
Create a folder nome as you want and add your images that will compose your animation, for example an image should be named 0.png, image 2 should be named 1.png ...
0.png, 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, ...
Image size:
  • iPhone 4, iPT 4: 640 * 960px
  • iPhone 3G, 3G: 320 * 480px
  • iPad: 1024 * 1024px
Second step, import the movie:
You must send the folder containing your movie named as you want into the internals of your iDevice: Library / BootLogos /
Go to your sRéglages iDevice bootlogo and go and select your file
Reboot, enjoy.  


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