Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fring gets updated: normal numbers calling over fringOut

FringImage via Wikipedia The VoIP fring app you can telephone and video calls to other users of the application. The app now has a very interesting update that fringOut added. Allows you to call normal phone numbers with VoIP. It costs 1 cent per minute for landline and 9.8 cents for a mobile number.

For calls to external numbers, the cost is generally comparable to the Dutch rate. The cost per country can be requested via the fring website . Calling Canada is 0.6 cents per minute cheap.
To use fringOut buy credits in advance, you can pay by credit card or Paypal. Skype offers a similar service, but the ability to offer tiered subscriptions exit. This may not fring. Incoming calls and SMS, in contrast to Skype via fring also not possible.
The update, the developers of fring immediately tried to make sure that you conserve battery is when you use fring. Also a number of other bugs.
Download: fring fro free


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