Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Couple animated boot logos for IOS 4.2.1.

For just over one week, thanks greenpois0n untethered to any device possible to jailbreak 4.2.1 on Ios. One of the functions of greenpois0n is that it is possible to see the Apple logo during the latter part of the boot process to replace it with an animated boot logos (also known as IOS startup logo ). Default after you perform the jailbreak with greenpois0n greenpois0n an animated version of the logo, but in this article we greenpois0n you how the logo can be removed or replaced with a ten alternatives discussed.

The original Apple logo boot repair

The easiest way to return to the original boot logo after running a jailbreak with greenpois0n is by Apple boot logo ModMyi from the repository to install. After installation go to the menu settings you select boot logo will find. Now you can easily choose whether you want to use the Apple logo or greenpois0n. If it is not a solution, you can also manually in the directory / usr / bin / file animate rename or delete.

Ten alternatives to the Apple logo and greenpois0n

In the few days since it is possible to own animated boot logos to make , there are many alternatives to the standard Apple logo and the animated logo greenpois0n appeared. In the category of games you can choose for example Mario boot logo (ModMyi), where Mario jumps on a question mark block, which then the Apple logo pops out. For a little further back in the game history, you can also choose Pong 'n Boot (BigBoss) for an animated boot logo in the style of Pong (suitable for retinal screen). If you prefer a recent game icon as boot logo? Perhaps the Doodle Jump Boot Logo (BigBoss) that changes in the character of Doodle Jump is for you.
The animated skull van greenpois0n you can replace an 8-bit version specifically designed for retinal screen in the form of 8-Bit Boot Logo Skull HD (ModMyi). If you prefer to know how to think about competing mobile ecosystems, it is also possible if you're a hater of Android or just a fan of Windows. For the haters Android's Piss Droid on boot logo (ModMyi) without explicitly showing how you think about that operating system. Fans of Windows can use the Windows 7 boot logo (BigBoss) that a Windows 7 inspired boot logo is displayed. You can even go further with Windows Shattering Apple boot logo (BigBoss), the Apple logo bursts then the Windows logo to show. 

For fans of the rival iPhone Dev Team is the famous Pwnage or also PwnApple logo in the form of com.modmyi.pwnapplebootlogo (ModMyi). A variant of the above mentioned version of Windows Shattering Apple boot logo (BigBoss), which you have at boot time can stand still here in the (presumably leaked) Shatter -exploit that the Apple logo does burst apart. For the real hardcore jail breakers is Verbose boot logo (BigBoss), which looks like your device in the verbose boot mode (as can be seen while performing the jailbreak).



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