Sunday, February 13, 2011

Clock speed measures speed with your iPhone

Clock Speed The application is temporarily free to download and is useful for people who speed of a car, boat, skier, cyclist, dog racing or other moving object to measure. You hold the iPhone's camera in the direction of the moving object and the application performs a measurement. The app can also be used to measure distances and has a motion detector. To use a speed radar to set the distance to the object that you want to measure. Hold the iPhone still and the speed is automatically displayed. You can set the sensitivity for different situations, such as large and small objects or movement in the background.

With the motion sensor you can start and stop a timer, for example if you want to measure for runners circles, cars or horses. If you want this app for free, you must fast, because the free giveaway is only temporary (and check before you click and the app remains free).
Tip: Note that the distances on your meter, to prevent non-metric units in your image.
Download: Clock Speed App Store Link.


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