Wednesday, January 19, 2011

White iphone 4 Appears at Best Buy and Vodafone Germany Inventory

The white iPhone 4 would be shared with the black iPhone 4 in July last year on the market, but Apple was postponed three times to it. According to the latest statement from Apple this spring, the unit still on the market. New directions are now talking of February 27, 2011 as a possible launch date. That would also appear from the inventories of the U.S. electronics chain Best Buy and the German telecom operator Vodafone .

A screenshot on MacRumors has both the 16 GB if the 32 GB model back into Best Buy inventory. It is also the same model numbers and SKUs that previously used for retail orders for the white iPhone 4.

As expected date, the units in stock is listed on February 27, just over four weeks from now.It is unclear whether Best Buy has information about the availability of the white 4-iPhone models or simply already prepared for the Apple-announced availability in the spring.
Engadget received last Monday also some screenshots but this time the inventory lists of the German telecom operator Vodafone show. It also uses the white iPhone four models shown. According to "reliable source" that toespeelde screenshots to the site, we can Devices 'soon' expected. The Feb. 27 launch date seems also unlikely if, as it falls on a Sunday.Apple launches such products usually a Thursday or Friday, but Tuesday is also not excluded. These days the company usually chooses from for new or updated products in the online Apple Store to introduce.

The enthusiasm for the white iPhone is the last 4 months significantly reduced. 4 people who really wanted an iPhone, will be well for the black model chosen. Is still unclear why exactly the launch of the device was delayed. Apple wants to lose no more than the manufacture of the white iPhone 4 harder than expected. According to rumor, there are difficulties with the first manufacture of glass and other color differences between the home button and the white casing.


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