Monday, January 17, 2011

iPhone iOS 4.3 could be integrated with Photo Booth

After using Mac OS , you may know Photo Booth application that makes you laugh grandmothers and children. For because it allows you to add special effects to top delusions everything you shoot with your webcam . Well fancy that it is integrated in IOS 4.3 and could soon land on the iPhone. It will be possible to play with these special effects using the smartphone cabbage.

In all likelihood, Photo Booth could be directly integrated into the native application manager taking pictures. We can therefore make portraits of her cat funny by adding funds or using incredible effects that would make us incredible budding photographers. What would be even cooler is that these effects are also available for recording video but it will have to wait until we know more about it.
Obviously, the iPad, Photo Booth now significantly less interest, it goes without saying, but who cares because we already have the new multi-touch gesturesthat render obsolete the ugly "Home" button.


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