Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Microsoft TV to Challenge Google Tv and Apple TV

This is the rumor of the day: after the shelves last year, Microsoft could use the CES to be (re) start in television with a connected Windows TV .
This is not the first venture of Microsoft in this field: the Redmond company had been the first to attempt to bring the Internet into television a decade ago that, at the time with Thomson. According to the Seattle Times"Microsoft will land on the market with a lightweight version of Windows for set-top boxes and televisions connected" , a version known as Windows TV daily.

It seems that this lighter version will be Windows CE (Embedded Compact), this version of Windows that can run on Intel processors like ARM based on Windows 7. Its characteristic is to use Silverlight for the design of software interfaces: the logic is to separate the heart of the application interface and to promote the development cross-product with interfaces adapted to the computer to the television, to The shelves and smartphones.

The new features of Silverlight 5 does not go unnoticed at a time when Microsoft Assen speech "three screens and the cloud: the Redmond role of services in the cloud and will be displayed on the computer, television and the smartphone, drawing links between them not only from the user side (integration services and software), but the developer (it tends toward a unified development platform around Silverlight and XAML). Silverlight 5 offers today hardware decoding of HD video, complete management of DRM, or the advanced video controls.
Windows TV housings could be offered around $ 200, but the system could also be integrated directly into televisions: Microsoft operating system would compete directly with Google TV, but the Apple TV. Question is what would be the place of the Xbox, which provides media-center functions, and rumor should benefit in the year 2011 a TV streaming service.

Engadget had the right to a demonstration of the Acer Revo 2, a set-top box using what appears to officially be called Windows Media Center embedded . This case uses an Intel CE4100, HDMI, Ethernet, optical audio, three USB ports, hard disk and an optical drive.
But the element that is certainly the most interesting is the RevoPad, a palette that touch can be stored in the housing and acts as a huge trackpad to navigate the interface. In a press button, trackpad and illuminated keyboard reveals a touch to enter research. It also has large buttons for volume control. Smart.


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