Monday, January 10, 2011

Parrot introduced Android power car stereo, Hyundai Bluelink Telematics!

Cars are becoming  more and more as a show-High Tech and if there's one thing missing now between cars and smartphones, it's possible interactions ...


Parrot presented at the CES 2011 the car Asteroid running Android 1.6. It can access a catalog of dedicated applications that will enable it to evolve according to the wishes of the user. It has four ports USB which can accommodate a GPS, a key USB , music player, a USB 3G ...


The Japanese presented Entune , a new feature to its onboard GPS which offers, on the screen of the dashboard, the key functions of your smartphone : Music online, search for addresses ... The system will arrive in the United States end 2011, is eagerly awaited in France.


Hyundai has introduced for its Blue Link , a button to simply send its position on Facebook . Admittedly, the main feature is first to obtain assistance via a location-based smartphone but connected, how far can this system.
On the other hand, it will be possible to develop a "geo-fence" which will then parental control. Once the vehicle leaves a defined area, the owner receives a text message informing him. Similarly, it is possible for the owner to set alerts for speed ...
Available later this year on the bike station and Sonata models.

General Motors

OnStar is also integrated into the rearview mirror. No need to be connected to a smartphone here since the system will have its own SIM card. Thus, in addition to providing assistance géolocaliée, the system can call for help and communicate the position in case of emergency.
Moreover, it can also detect an accident with a built-in accelerometer.
For now, the service will not work and the United States.


Griffin CarTrip is an accessory that plugs into the ODB-II car (used to diagnose taken the car). The unit will collect information and store them on a memory card inserted into its SD slot, or connect them to your iPhone via Bluetooth.
IPhone, an application will analyze data such as speed, acceleration, consumer ...


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