Monday, January 10, 2011

Greenpois0n RC5 iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak to be untethered?

Following the announcement made by Joshua Hill, aka P0sixninja member of the Chronic Dev Team, expressing a future update software jailbreak Greenpois0n for iOS 4.2.1, many reactions have blended on the canvas. The hacker had indicated that the jailbreak is still tethered. Therefore useless redsn0w already doing exactly the same thing. But the situation could change.

P0sixninja confirms itself does not see any utility to release a new version of Greenpois0n to have a jailbreak 4.2.1 iOS tethered

"Many people say that another jailbreak tethered is useless, I agree. It focuses on a method untethered before the release of [Greenpois0n]. "
If we stick to what P0sixninja always, it will be their own untethered and SHSH iOS 4.2b3 will not be required.

A first question is about the exploit untethered to be established. The author wonders if he will act on the method used by MuscleNerd redsn0w in 0.9.7 or whether it will act in their own untethered.
"We will implement our own. "

Another assumes that SHSH iOS 4.2b3 will be required, as is the method 'Backup Plan' of the Dev Team. The response of the hacker is short but effective.
Obviously, no date is specified. Thus, stay tuned.


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