Saturday, December 18, 2010

Six alternatives to Delicious

Delicious will not close, but will be sold to the highest bidder in the coming months and even spoke a few weeks if the sale is confirmed.
The service acquired by Yahoo does not go through the best of times and will be passed by not knowing what to do with it and ideas to this project will not sprout.

The most interesting options at present are six very serious alternatives may find helpful and which may be similar to yesterday.
For now I'll probably move that may become interested and which we tested.
The six alternatives Delicious serious are:
1. Xmarks : An Evolution of Delicious and probably the closest you think.
2. Bookmars Google : We need to access the English version and may not be sufficient if you do not manage the language.
3. Licorize : It may be more useful than the very Delicious, but it is minimal to no power.
4. Diigo : Perhaps the most serious alternative to replace Delicious severely if they are sold.
5. Evernote : It has features that will distance themselves from the rest and may be the best of all compared.
6. Mister Wong : Very complete, unlike any other and includes functions of all kinds as Bitelia .
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