Saturday, December 18, 2010

Foursquare working on major iPhone app update

Gowalla spent a few days ago a new iPhone app , including a link to Four Square. The wait is now on the Foursquare has plans in response to this brave with the competition. Naveen Selvadurai founders Dennis Crowley and both have hinted that a hot new app comes with important new features.These are likely to share photos of locations.
Foursquare working on that already appeared in leaked information after a test of the company. A screenshot that was owned by Mashable, showed a photo section in the app. At check you later immediately enclose a photograph for others an impression of the atmosphere at the site. In Gowalla competitor can already do There are also third-party apps like Instagram, where you can shoot and can immediately check in at Foursquare. The photos themselves are not in the Foursquare app correctly and by others on the same site are not to consult.

Another possible option is that you get advice Foursquare what other interesting places to visit.
Foursquare is a service where you can check for locations. You can see friends or to a particular concert, see which friends are nearby, or commit to any interesting places you've been.  

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