Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rumor: White iPhone 4 delayed due to the outbreak?

The Chinese knocked his hands in blood and taking away the white parts of plants. Dealers and other merchants have started to earn exorbitant money on the sale of "bleached" iPhones, and so many rumors and speculations about the true reasons for the delay we heard from you - do not count.

Having been in their hands, "the official parts, provides for the white iPhone model 4, the editors of the portal MacNotes wasted no time wasted. Replacing the black iPhone panel on the white version, including glass?

Trying to make a photo or shoot video with the flash leads to unsatisfactory results. The image illuminates utterly, and make a decent picture becomes impossible.

Given the proliferation of "white» iPhone 4, collected by hand from the same "official parts and do not have such problems.

Somewhere between them, there is the real cause of the problem which Apple will never tell us.


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