Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google launches its "Google eBookstore"

 "Google eBookstores," Google's in-house products and iBooks competitors, giant accuses the search engine in the official blog entry on the topic of numbers all over the place: 3 million different eBooks - from fresh-sellers to free, public domain - you have currently available. Since the launch of the Google Books project, already 15 million books from more than 35,000 publishers in over 400 languages digitized in its entirety.
Google now provides access to three million eBookstore the selected works. The books will be after buying both on the device - Applications for Android and the iPhone are already applied , are currently not yet available - and stored online and you set synchronize their bookmarks automatically on all connected devices.
Try our Google apps to start reading eBooks seamlessly on all your devices now. Your ebooks will be stored within your Google account, Which Allows us to save your page positions across all the devices and sync as you continue reading.

The iOS Application for iPhone and iPad (AppStore link ) should be (at 16GB) titles on the iPhone can carry 8000 well. The app in which to retrieve information about the book and the text size and font can be adjusted allows both searching within the current book and the full-text search in Google's eBookstore and also offers a night or read mode.

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