Monday, December 13, 2010

The official Google Latitude client Available for iPhone Now

The iPhone application Latitude is now globally available in the App Store, including the Dutch and Belgian App Store.With Latitude, you can easily pass your location to friends. So you can keep in touch when you go on holiday together and see if your spouse, children or friends after an appointment come home safely. Through the privacy settings you only share your location whenever you want and the people you have chosen. Latitude also works in the background, even if you've closed the application or if the iPhone is in sleep mode.

Last week Latitude equally in the Japanese App Store, but was almost immediately withdrawn.Now Google has officially launched the app, after a minor adjustment: the currently available version is the only innovation "Update. on wallpaper. " indicating that updating your site as a background process apparently was not working quite right.
Important to know: does the app not the first generation iPhone and iPhone 3G . The iPod touch is supported only from the third generation. Actually, that makes sense, because only from the iPhone 3G is the use of background processes officially supported in IOS 4 and higher.You Latitude those older devices still use it, by your mobile browser to / latitude to go, but then you'll still have to open the browser to update your location.
Latitude has a different approach than location services like Four Square and Gowalla, where you need to check. This incheckdiensten sign only specific areas (like cafes) only at specific times so that people know where you are.

The series Latitude iPhone has found a successful conclusion: the official client for the location service from Google is now available on the App Store.

It goes directly to version 2.0, and for good reason: it seems to have been significantly modified since its last fleeting appearance in the App Store Japanese. As expected, the application is free and allows you to see his friends on a map, share its position in a timely manner or continuously with the location in the background, and finally to manage its settings finely Life private.

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