Monday, December 13, 2010

iOSFlashVideo lets View Flash video on iPhone Safari

If you are looking for a simple solution to overcome the shortage of Apple devices to watch videos in Flash via Safari , iOSFlashVideo is what is right for you.iOSFlashVideo bases its operation on a javascript code that replaces portions of the page containing the video in Flash with an equivalent flow in HTML5 video, taken by a dedicated server conversion.
 iOSFlashVideo works well but unfortunately at the moment we can not know which server is supported for the conversion of the video stream and who bears the cost of everything, but still circulating rumor that iOSFlashVideo really really convert the movie but not limited to replace the traditional video with the appropriate Flash version of HTML5 previously created by the site visit. To us, this does not matter, the important thing is that it works correctly.

To use this "tweak" you must:
  • Accessed via Safari on your device at
  • Save the link as a favorite
  • Change the link saved by deleting everything before javascript, including #
At this point there is nothing else to do than browse a page containing Flash Video, such as Vimeo, Megavideo, Dailymotion and so on, and select the bookmark you saved.

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