Friday, December 10, 2010

How to Fix/Update/Reinstall Cydia Without Re-Jailbreak

In this tutorial I'll Show you how to install cydia without having to jailbreak your idevices the second time and also  explain how to solve problems related to sources Cydia. 
Well there is a fairly simple method. 

If you run through  a problem relates to sources Cydia, use the following steps to solve. Otherwise Go to step 1
Make handling below:

If you entered a wrong address repository.
If a source Cydia is dead (more than server or simply erased)
If you have an error message each refresh Cydia.
But especially if you can not add additional source or even worse not being able to install a package, this tutorial may be able to help.
You must have this kind of messages:
(Or NODATA, http:// ... / (Sub-process / bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2))

What's new in the latest version 1.0.3366-1 :
  • Very short time reloading data
  • Optimization of remapping
  • A more optimal
  • WebViews of more stable (can also zoom in)
  • Fast scrolling of different topics
  • Update on uses badge
  • Bugfixes
  • AutoCorrect packages
  • Menu refresh more efficient


Safari Download Manager ( BigBoss repo )
iFile ( BigBoss repo )
Installation procedure:
STEP 1 : Download the new package of Cydia here on your iPhone using Safari Download Manager
STEP 2 : Once the file is downloaded, go to VAR / mobile / media / Download in iFile
STEP 3 : Click cydia_1.0.3366-... phoneos-arm.deb then "install" (the. deb should be installed soon.)
STEP 4 : Once the installation is complete, close iFile , make a respring and voila! Enjoy
Important! you must checker version before the update (in the homepage of Cydia bottom)
Old Version: 1.0.3222-73
New version: 1.0.3366-1

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this is EXACTLY my problem! But i dont have ifile or safari download manager! i used to have ifile, but then i deleted it. soo, later on i was just messing around and I ACCIDENTALLY EXITED OUT OF CYDIA WHEN I CLICKED EDIT IN MY SOURCES WITHOUT CLICKING DONE AND I OPEN UP CYDIA AGAIN AND EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!! i caps that for emphasis and stuff, but ive done countless hours of searching and research, and NO ANSWERS!! ive come to this because you know what my problem is...

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