Friday, December 31, 2010

Google: "We can not require operators and manufacturers to updates"

Android 22 handset manufacturers and 172 different models "is the statement given by Google during the presentation, reported by ZDNet , the new Nexus S.
The communication officers of Google have highlighted the specifics of this model - as its compatibility NFC (Near Field Communication, which may have intended to turn it into a key or electronic purse) or lack of clamping.

And on this last point, Google, highlighting the benefits of his phone also highlights some drawbacks of the principle of Android. Nexus S can be updated as soon as soon as comes a review of its OS. Flexibility unknown Androphones other owners.
But listen Emmanuelle Flahault Franc, responsible for communication, the ball is out of the camp from Google " We can not require operators and manufacturers to push the updates. It provides good practice guides and calendars of our updates but everyone has the freedom to choose. Freedom of choice (hardware and software) is one of the pillars of Android. But we believe that by offering Nexus type S terminals are pushing operators to respond ... ".
The case of tablets was also discussed, over time with changes in the discourse of Google. Android now the state is inadequate, sometimes it is about " Android has its place on shelves and ChromeOS on netbooks. Android is perfectly adaptable to the shelves, in fact the first models arrive. The only problem is the lack of Android applications developed specifically for these devices. ".
Regarding the availability of Nexus S in France, nothing is rigged with operators, ZDNet, for its part has got wind of an SFR likely launch next spring. What is still far away.


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