Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Canadian Government Approves the iBookstore

In accordance with Canadian legislative body, Apple has indeed been committed to publishing books in French, English and indigenous languages on iBookstore Canada and abroad and facilitate the publication of books for new authors, authors independent and indigenous authors.

"Apple has demonstrated how iBookstore Canada will provide new opportunities for authors and publishers, and have determined that such investment would bring net benefits to Canada" it said in the statement of Minister James Moore.
This decision is based on commitments made by Apple Canada, which include:
  •  Promotion of Canadian-authored books--both French- and English-language titles--in iBookstore in Canada and other iBookstores internationally;
  •  Increased opportunities for Canadian publishers and authors, including new and independent writers;
  •  Increased access to titles from Aboriginal authors and publishers;
  •  Assistance to Canadian publishers in streamlining processes of e-book creation and enhancement; and
  • Jobs for Canadians and improved services for Canadian consumers, including an iBookstore tailored to Canadian readers.

This procedure is required by Canadian law, and Amazon had failed to push out of the country. Launched on 1 July, the Canadian iBookstore had almost immediately been submitted for consideration by the Department of Canadian Heritage, under section 15 of the Investment Canada Act (foreign competition in the field of culture). Left with three publishers (HarperCollins, Hachette Book Group and Simon & Schuster), the Canadian iBookstore may be enriched by national works, now that negotiations with local publishers are ensured by the legal framework.

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