Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AirPlay Video From iOS To Mac

What we are talking about here is a nifty little hack that allows you to play videos on your Mac from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All without having to jailbreak your iDevice. Even the software has a name, AirPlayer, and was developed by Erica Sadun .

The operation of the tool is pretty simple . It installs the application on your Mac, it takes iDevice, it starts playing a movie and then the balance on his bike through AirPlay and selecting the "Banana". In a split second, the video will start on your Mac and you can enjoy it as if it was stored locally, your smartphone or your touch pad , head office while doing magic remote.
Then of course you can not fail to object that it is useless, it is best to store the videos directly on the computer so as not to waste time. This is not false, of course, but when we think even those who use a Mac Mini as media centerand will be able to control it easily from their iPhone or iPad. Same thing for those who have friends who will no longer need to have fun transfers on an external hard drive to show their holiday films.

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