Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MobileMe Gallery despite rumors, not free

Last night was just after the launch of IOS 4.2 as the rumor that MobileMe Gallery would be free, like the service Find My iPhone. On the home screen to see MobileMe was enumeration of free and paid services will be offered. MobileMe Gallery stood with the free services, but it seems that Apple has made a mistake.

Gallery is a service to store photos online and share with Apple products. There is also a free app Gallery, from your iPhone to upload photos, photo gallery of you and friends to view and a link to an album to share. When the idea arose that MobileMe Gallery would be free, were heavily speculated how much storage users would get free. When paid MobileMe subscription $79 you get 20GB free storage, you can fill at their discretion with photos, files and email. But it just seems that Gallery continues to feature paid suite. Whoever goes to me.com on the iPhone, see the Gallery again been listed among the paid services.

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