Saturday, November 20, 2010

iPhone SIM card not integrated until 2012

Apple Inc.Image by marcopako  via Flickr
Even if this would facilitate the lives of users, operators do not see that a good eye and putting pressure on both Apple and Gemalto. It must be said that with a virtual SIM card, it would be much easier to switch operators. Apple could remotely control the fleas to change the type of plan, the operator ... and could even if she wanted to become a virtual operator.

While working on this virtual smart card with Apple, Gemalto would set back the traditional operators, which represent 50% of its turnover, according to Les Echos. Gemalto is already "under threat of arrest orders from European operators."
But this is only a postponement, according to a source of Echoes, " Apple has decided to delay implementation of its offensive on the SIM card at least until 2012 "It would even be willing to solicit other Gemalto suppliers, if it yielded to pressure from its traditional customers. 

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