Saturday, November 20, 2010

Genuine White iPhone 4 On the Grey Market in China!

Genuine white iPhone 4s are being sold by unofficial Chinese resellers, according to a GizChina report.

The devices come in a retail box labelled with a warning that says the phone is meant for internal company use only and not for sale. 
The white iPhone 4 box here has a label warning it is only meant for internal company use and not for sale!
Prices start from around 5500 Yuan ($828) and rising to nearly 8000 Yuan ($1204) for the base model 16Gb version and even higher for the 32Gb models.

These prices are well above above the official retail price of the regular black iPhone 4 in China and seem even steeper when you factor in they are running iOS 4.1
It seems that the phones are locked into the AT&T network, and the boxes have stickers on them saying that the phone are for company use only and are not for sale. No doubt these pictures will send the mooks on Cupertino's iPhone 4 floor into paroxysms of fury, but, unlike the case of Fei "Phil" Lam, there's not a lot they can do about it. 
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