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All new IOS 4.2 available now: all updates in a single article

The latest firmware version includes over 100 new features. IPAD users are especially strong growth, with features like multitasking, leaflets and Game Center. Earlier today Apple has announced that the new firmware would be available to all IOS devices except the first generation iPhone and iPod touch. We have an overview of the major innovations in IOS 4.2.

People who want to jailbreak or unlock carry'd better wait with updating until further steps have been disclosed.
The first firmware compatible with both the iPad, the iPhone and iPod Touch. Obviously, this new version fixes many bugs, but also introduces some new features. Here is the list of news emerged that relate to the iPad advantage that the iPhone / iPod Touch.

1. The new wallpaper of iOS 4 on the iPad
2. Multitasking on the iPad: there are 7 applications in the dock in landscape mode, portrait 6

3. The ability to create folders on the SpringBoard of the iPad

4. The appearance of the Game Center on the iPad

5. The print function AirPrint iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch (with at least a 3G iPhone and iTouch 3G): ability to print documents. In the email function, it results in the button "print". The iDevice automatically detect the printer available on your WiFi network, there will have to choose the number of copies to print. Depending on the printer, it is also possible to print duplex.

6. The mail box is now unified iPad like on the iPhone
7. Function AirPlay that allows streaming within the home audio and video is available for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch. The option is available in the YouTube application and the iPod application.
7. Function AirPlay that allows streaming within the home audio and video is available for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch. The option is available in the YouTube application and the iPod application.
8. IPad on 3G, it now possible to disable 3G, and stick to EDGE to save battery.
9. On the iPad, e button that prevents the rocker portrait / landscape is now mute. To lock the screen, it will use the button in the dock multitasking (read: iOS 4.2 Changing the function buttons iPad).
10. On the iPad, lee brightness can be done from the dock multitasking (picture above)
11. The search function in a Safari page is finally available, but unfortunately on the iPad. It fits very well in the search bar of the browser.
12. The icon of voice recorder has completely changed. Hope this is only temporary.
13. Adding the Notes application in the parameters. This new menu will allow us to change the font. There are two additional fonts (Helvetica and Chalkboard).
14. Ability to independently manage the volume of the ringer. By enabling this option, the ringer volume will remain fixed even if you lower the sound of music, for example with the side buttons of your device.
15. In Safari, the little plus button has been replaced. The new icon to add the site to favorites, add to the home screen, send the address by email, or print the page with AirPrint.
16. The possibility whether we like it or not a video in YouTube application
17. A button in the application FaceTime Message
18. Added support for CoreMIDI, a framework that would involve leaving the possibility of creating music from the iPhone (without application).
19. Further restrictions: Apple now allows the user to block the ability to install or uninstall applications. it is also possible to lock access to the settings of mail accounts.
20. With the arrival ofiTunes 10It is normal that the iTunes logo exchange in recovery mode.
21. Multitasking : A new animation when you switch from one application to another. the two windows overlap in a different way.
22. When a game is compatible with Game Center, this is clearly specified on the application form.
23. Adds GKFriendRequestComposeViewController Framework which allows you to send invitations Game Center from other games and not necessarily the native application.
24. YouTube adds a new feature to make it public, private, or unlisted, a video uploaded. The video service will be seen by everyone, by the private circle of friends or family.
25. Adding the Bookmark bar in Safari iPad
26. Also in the iPad, the ability to choose a type of sound for actions or non-
27. Ability to change the type of card that can be seen
28. New additions ringtones for SMS notification.
29. IPad button to lock the rotation has been shifted to the left, the iPod icon on the right. The volume control icon and switch iPad / Airplay were not present in other versions of IOS 4.2.
30. It is now possible to create an Apple ID for free directly from Mail (MobileMe account).
31. Apple has finally decided to put the volume slide bar in the multitasking iPhone / iPod Touch. Just open the bar multitasking, and make two sliding from left to right.
32. Find My iPhone, MobileMe functionality that lets you locate your lost device and protect data, is now provided free of charge on any iPhone 4, iPad or 4th generation iPod touch
People who want to jailbreak or unlock carry'd better wait with updating until further steps have been disclosed.

Innovations for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

There are a few important new features, which apply to all IOS devices, if they are not supported on the older models. We mention here the two major announcements: AirPlay and AirPrint.

AirPlay (iPhone, iPod touch and IPAD)

AirPlay is a new feature in which your music, photos and videos from your iPhone to stream to devices that support AirPlay. This applies to the new Apple TV but also for future speaker systems that support AirPlay. From the iTunes or YouTube app you can for example indicate that the content via an AirPlay-capable device to be played. Apple TV is taking an extension of your iPhone. Do you have an AirPort Express, you can also use your music to a home stereo or a speaker to stream. There are also special speaker sets that standard AirPlay support, but they come only a few months on the market. 

AirPrint (iPhone, iPod touch and IPAD)

AirPrint means you wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad can print various documents. About this feature is quite a discussion, because initially it would work for HP printers ePrint technology, but also to shared printers on a Mac OS X 10.6.5 were connected. In a press release it was confirmed. Later, support for shared printers seemed to have been contained, although Steve Jobs claimed the opposite. On the Apple website that is currently AirPrint initially available on the HP Photosmart, HP LaserJet and HP Officejet Pro. Without installing drivers, you can print from your iPhone or iPad with a schermtap.

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