Wednesday, January 18, 2012

iOS 5 on your old iPhone or iPod touch!

With each release of a major upgrade of IOS, some iDevices are on the floor.  Blame the various features of increasingly demanding that Apple integrates its mobile operating system. Thus, iOS 5 is not compatible with the devices of first and second generation. Good news this time, hackers have devised a version of IOS slightly reduced 5 to be installed on old iDevice.

This version of IOS called whited00r is designed for players 1G and 2G, and for the iPhone 2G and 3G  ! To install, just download the package (a customized firmware IPSW), plug the device iOS then request a restore via iTunes!Of course IOS is not 5 as is, this customization is achieved based on modifying the IOS own these gadgets adding specific code of IOS IOS 5 and 4. As mentioned, Whited00r automatically perform the jailbreak the device by installing the latest version of Cydia 1.1.3. The process to have him on our terminal is as follows:
  1. Download specific firmware for the device (provided two different versions depending on whether the device needs to release or not.
  2. Log in iTunes by connecting the gadget to your computer and access the device.
  3. Restore Press Alt while clicking (on a Mac) or Shift (PC) and select the downloaded file.
  4. Wait for reboot (can take up to 15 minutes) and set it as a new device when asked.
What is the downside of this process? We must clarify that the notification center that would encourage more than one with the test is not incorporated into this modification. Worse, you lose access to the App Store with all that this entails, but the user can download and install apps from iTunes on the iPhone or iPod touch from there. In addition, you can always install applications from Cydia.
With this firmware you will have the support of multitasking, reminders, icloud (but with Dropbox as a base), folders, Kiosk, and custom wallpapers. You still miss the center of notifications and the App Store on 2G for example.
The procedure and the file are available here.
Stuffunwired reminds you that this kind of hacking can be risky and remains so at your own risk 

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