Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A first homebrew for the PlayStation Vita

Just arrived, already hacked. It would appear that the PlayStation Vita is not as secure than previously thought. Available recently in Japan, it is indeed fallen into the clutches of a pretty good hacker with all ten fingers and managed to run the first homebrew in the history of the console . Yes, and since it is quite a homebrew emulator Sega  will give you the opportunity to fall back a little child. And if you want to see the result (and also to see the beautiful turn) , you are right place because you will be able to discover a little further down a nice video that features Sonic the Hedgehog villain nice.

To achieve its ends, the man did not look far because he simply used the program he had created for the first PSP of Sony . Knowing that the PlayStation Vita features a PSP emulator , so it managed to turn his tool after it changed circumstances. Now as you can see from the following video, we can say that the result is frankly very appetizing. The game is fluid and rotates with onions on the new handheld console of the Japanese manufacturer.
However, it is likely that Sony does not see things the same way and no doubt the firm will not fail to spreadsoon a patch to prevent such excesses. After all, from what is being said (and this is not necessarily what I think) if the PSP has long suffered from a catalog a little too light, it is precisely because it was very quickly hacked and a lot of studios have chosen to turn away from the platform rather than see their shares copied and recopied rerecopiés. Well, at the same time for the Nintendo DS, the situation was not necessarily obvious but that's another story.

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