Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Firebreak: Enables the iOS 5 Panaroma Mode [iPhone Tweak]

Here is a new tweak that will allow to add a feature to your iPhone that might be useful one day. We can all need to take pictures that exceed the capabilities of the iPhone, you'll see in this article can remedy this problem. The tweak Firebreak will allow you to take photos in Pan directly from the native application " Camera  "on your iPhone . The tweak was developed by Firebreak Chwpn and is available on theCydiaStore .

The tweak Firebreak will add an icon in your application usual to take photos with the iPhone. To access it, open the camera and then click the "  Options  "then select the new button"  Pan  "that will be accessible after installing the tweak and after a respring. You then enter the Panoramic mode, it remains for you to press the shutter button and photo to maintain the position while your iPhone is sweeping the area of his field of vision. To add a personal touch: you really have to be on a stable support for the picture is well framed, otherwise it will blur and will not give satisfactory results. Place the iPhone on a desk or a table for the picture is really clear and flawless.

The photos will be stored directly in your file film . No setting or icon are available to tweak the Firebreak.


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