Thursday, October 20, 2011

Solution to iPhone 4S and iOS 5 battery problems

The new Apple smartphone has now been almost a week on the market and ready many users complain about a worse battery life than its predecessor. Also, I could personally observe the decreased transit time in the first days with the iPhone 4S and was shocked how short keeps the battery in everyday use. Although Apple's specifications clearly explains that the standby time has decreased by a whopping 100 hours, is the talk time in 3G mode can be increased by one hour.These is the time to remember but still nothing and now there were only complaints about the battery.

In addition, the new mobile operating system from Apple has taken some heavy battery functions with them, doing their part in the deterioration of battery life.Nevertheless, the user can also make some adjustments in order to save battery life and also from Apple itself, there will be in the near future IOS update for the improvement of the battery.
Follow settings you can perform to improve your battery life:
  • Automatic activation of Siri, when the iPhone is held to the ear (Settings -> General -> Siri)
  • System location services (time zones, transport, diagnosis and use, location-dependent iAds) Disable (Settings -> Location Services -> System Services)
  • Disable Bluetooth (Settings -> General -> Bluetooth)
  • Disable send diagnostic data (Settings -> General -> Info -> Diagnostics & use)
  • Weather widget in the notification center off (Settings -> Messages)
  • iMessage off (Settings -> Message)
  • Unimportant messages from apps (Notification Center) Remove (Settings -> Messages)
  • E-mail via push off (Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Synchronization)
  • location-based reminders to avoid (memories-App)


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