Monday, October 3, 2011

Reuters: "Steve Jobs attends Let's Talk iPhone event '

The event tomorrow iPhone is Apple's first keynote since Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO. The new leader of the firm, Tim Cook, to replace the icon during the presentation. But this does not necessarily mean that we should make without jobs. According to news agency Reuters is action by the former CEO on the schedule.

Reuters cites no sources, but his reputation is a news service to be taken seriously. They write the following:
The Apple co-founder, who previously managed to overcome pancreatic cancer and in August for the third time went on sick leave, is expected on stage. Even if the absence of the co-founder is not too great a disappointment.
Reuters quotes a source as any direct, it could also be that they rely on analysts. That in fact the same article quoted several times to discuss the consequences of Jobs' absence to speculate. It would not be the first time that the ex-CEO ascends the podium despite his illness: early March he took the full presentation of the iPad 2 in spite of his sick leave. When icloud was announced last summer he presented a part of the keynote, but he gave the floor to his colleagues.


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