Saturday, October 1, 2011

The iPod will soon blow out ten candles

I have a button in the form of wheel, a knob to control the interface, an attractive big screen! Who am I? This is the iPod, we all know very well. On October 23 next iPod will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Before the birth of the iPod, the Walkman dominated the world of mobile music and no one believed in the idea of this American engineer Tony Fadell that created the surprise with an MP3 player pocket.

 Several companies, including Philips did not give you the chance to develop his idea. But Steve Jobs, the seer of the firm at the bitten apple, immediately glimpsed a future for this enigmatic device. Over the last decade the iPod has attracted more than 300 million people, some famous, such as Pope Benedict XVI and the Queen of England. The iPod also places frequented symbolic of modern technology such as the International Space Station.

For this tenth anniversary the British journal Most Wanted   issued an appropriate graphic depicting the life of all iPod models together with the important events that have ensured its success.
The iPod has not only changed the way we listen to music but also changed the way of distributing and purchasing. The couple iPod - iTunes has become over the decade a social phenomenon. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. On the eve of the release of the iPhone 5, Cupertino decided to put the iPod classic to oblivion. Such is the fate of old! as was formerly the case of the Sony Walkman.
The graphics reminds us the life of this device was shown, we have no doubt, the intimate companion of many readers iPhoneAddict. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane!


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