Friday, October 21, 2011

iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011: Conferences for Apple Developers

Apple has sent in the early evening an email to its developers for their safe than iOS conferences on iOS 5 would take place soon. The goal is to help integrate the new features included with the SDK last date for applications proposing better quality. Sessions will be led by Apple engineers in person to share their knowledge. Unfortunately, knowledge in question does not cross all borders. The events will take place in only nine cities (Berlin, London, Rome, Beijing, Seoul, Sao Paolo, New York, Seattle and Austin).

If you are a developer, the doors are wide open. In addition, the entry is free . However, Apple says developers favor with one already under their belt. Indeed, advice and information given to other conferences will be quite complex. But if after reading this sentence, you're still tempted, go quickly on this page . Places will go quickly.


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