Monday, October 10, 2011

How many Apple engineers Working on a mobile processor?

That's two years that Apple is working intensely to produce home-made processor for its mobile device. The iPad and iPhone take advantage of all days, and you also at the same time. But that is the group of engineers who are committed to their achievement on the 20 000 employees that researchers consider the Apple?

If Apple has about 20,000 employees out of its distribution channels (which employ them, not far from 30 000 persons), nearly 5% of them - 1,000 engineers - working around mobile processors! Obviously, the figure does not come from Apple itself, but a   veteran of Silicon Valley  "  who wished to remain anonymous and who made ​​this revelation at the end of the summer, few days after the resignation of Steve Jobs. Erick Schonfeld is of TechCrunch  who could discuss with the new Mr. X.
 Let them become smaller and less power consumption is the key to everything (ie: Apple) " Mr X .
Note that Apple has bought, PA-Semi in 2008 (shortly after the release of the iPhone 1) and Intrinsity in 2010 , two giants of the semiconductor industry, specializing in the development of mobile processors. It is obvious that a very large part of the 1,000 employees currently responsible for research on mobile processors are derived.


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