Friday, October 21, 2011

Exploring ways to Save iOS 5 Battery Life

Many users of the new iOS 5 complain about shorter battery life.As the complaints pile up, we want to show you today how you can increase the operating time significantly.Uses easy to see suggestions below and you will find that your iPhone can longer than believed.

  • Back to the network settings set
    to Type Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.Of course then you have to enter your wireless password again.So consider it ready.
  • Disable Bluetooth
    Settings> General> Bluetooth>
  • Disable notifications for apps in the Notification Center
    Settings> Messages> Turn everything off, what you do not need
  • Turn off the location services or disable individual apps
    Settings> Location Services> Unlock everything from what you do not need
  • Turning Setting the time zone
    settings> Location Services> System Services> Set Time Zone to off, also I have compass calibration, Location-based IADs and from traffic on
  • Disable Ping
    Settings> General> Restrictions On> allocated password> Ping Off
  • Turning the diagnosis and use
    Settings> General> About> Do not send diagnostic & use>


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