Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sprint will offer the iPhone 5 in mid-October with an unlimited data plan

Sprint , the third U.S. carrier, appears to be on track to finally offer its customers the iPhone, without having an unlocked device. The rumor began to clear recentlyBloomberg now appears to confirm through various sources related to the case. They said Sprint will offer an unlimited plan with 5 of the iPhone with a contract done with Apple . And this is where it is dangerous for AT & T and Verizon.

Indeed, both operators offering the iPhone since its inception and the first since the iPhone 4 in the second. The customer has asked, and therefore accustomed to the situation. But now, AT & T - although the number one operator in the United States - knows well the difficulties of networks . Oh how is the number of people who strongly criticized the incumbent but in the end have no choice since it is the only one to offer the iPhone with the GSM standard. Thus, with the arrival of the iPhone 4 Verizon, some could breathe again.
Sprint , meanwhile, is - like Verizon - an operator that offers the CDMA frequencies. These are proving more comfortable but have a small problem, however: you can not call and surf the Internet simultaneously. Sprint is going to have to find an advantage that others do not offer to attract potential new customers its iPhone at home. This asset is a flat rate . The two operators to offer the iPhone in the United States tried but finally decided to go back on offers more basic, more restrictive. With this offer, Sprint is likely to win an America that does not require that the iPhone is available from all operators on duty.


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