Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich: release in October / November

Image representing Eric Schmidt as depicted in...Image via CrunchBase
We knew that Ice Cream Sandwich , the next major release of Google Android was supposed to leave before the end of the year, but we had no other details. On the occasion of a lecture given on September 1, Eric Schmidt has just been asked to speak on the issue and the man has said that Ice Cream Sandwich expected to hit the market before the month of November . Yes and we can deduce something else ... What? Simply that the Nexus Prime could also land on the market between October and November. Either simultaneously with the iPhone 5.

Now, for sure, the end of the year will be very exciting for all mobile users or, more likely for those who have changed mobile. Between iPhone 5 of Apple and the Prime Nexus of Google, not to mention all outsiders such as the Galaxy Rating of Samsung or the S Arc of Sony Ericsson, our hearts may throw something good. Oh and then there is Windows Phone 7 Mango, too, we had almost forgotten! And to be honest, to be perfectly frank with you, I ask myself a lot of issues on that side. Really full, even ...
Finally go, back on topic, and thus Ice Cream Sandwich. If you know anything about the world of Google Android, so you need to know that it is divided into two distinct platforms: Gingerbread for mobile phones and Honeycomb for touch pads. Of course, having to simultaneously manage both platforms, it is not easy, and Google has decided to merge them to develop a hybrid system that can run either on smartphones on the slates. And of course, this system is Ice Cream Sandwich ...
We do not know yet the functionality of Ice Cream Sandwich, but it should draw heavily on Honeycomb and so provide a lot of things like access to Google Music , movie rentals on the Market or the famous USB Host function that will allow users to connect any USB device to their mobile or their shelf. All with a new theme and a lot of visual enhancements, of course.
And to stay there, here is the famous video where Eric Schmidt shared some confidences. But be careful, eh, because it still takes a little over an hour ... But for Ice Cream Sandwich, it goes to 30 minutes and pellets ...


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